Papallacta Hot Springs and Spa

Without a doubt one of the best Spas in Latin America is found in Papallacta, a tiny town situated 65km from Quito— only an hour and a half ride from the capital at 3710 meters up. 

One of the features of Papallacta are its forests, specifically the high evergreen forest which has a dense layer of moss and abundant epiphytes. Papallacta is a place where the splendor of the green forests, the beauty of the Andean plateau and the cloudiness of the landscape form an ecosystem full of life waiting to be visited. That is why this place is not just for a visit to the hot springs; it also is a great place for taking a beautiful hike, horseback riding, fishing, and tasting delicious food. 

List of Attractions: Hot Springs and Spa, hiking trail along the river

Duration of Tour: Full Day


Papallacta’s thermal waters are of volcanic origin, with temperatures ranging from 35° C (95° F) y 64° C (147° F). The spring offer visitors health benefits and a place where they can relax while taking in the view of the majestic Antisana—an experience you cannot miss. 

The area of Papallacta not only offers thermal springs and spas but you can also find other activities such as:  horseback rides, hikes, nature overlooks and more.

All off this— with a guide from Quito City Tour who will take you to experience many unknown places that are worth discovering. 

  • Visit to the hot springs
  • Estates 
  • Trekking
  • Observation of flora and fauna

  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Food
  • Other beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips and gratuity

Conditions of Payment:

  • More than 30 days before the tour: 25% confirmation deposit due (50% reimbursable)
  • 30 days before the tour: 75% of total payment due (non-reimbursable)
  • Payment and policies are subject to change according to final products and services, and without notice.

Forms of Payment:

  • International Bank transfers
  • Local deposits made in cash or by local check
  • Credit card through PayPal (with service fee)

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