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It could be easy to say that we are a group of business partners, who have put all their knowledge together in order to be the pioneers offering the most specialized, unique and tailor made tourism in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But that is not true; in fact, it was not a business that put our destinies on the same path; it was this mentioned city, it was this city that is known as "God's face", the one that joined us in a common feeling of passion, admiral, respect and amusement towards it.

It was our Quito, this inimitable metropolis full of history and legends, traditions, magic, mystery and secrets that led us to form a group of "Quiteños" who just wanted to give the best of the best of this magnificent city to the world.

Our Team

At the top of our company, our C.E.O., is a well-recognized economist with the correct know-how in tourism, as well. Our team members who daily produce with proved local and international excellence all of our tours, services and products are:


Show the world how magnificent Quito is, by providing the most specialized and best tailor-made tour services to all kind of travelers and individuals, providing unique guidance and offering the most excellent hotels and services that they may require to satisfy their needs and make them feel safe and assisted during their stay.
To locally and internationally become the most recognized tour operators in Quito and its surroundings, for the quality of our services, the efficiency and punctuality of our assistance to our customers and the uniqueness and exclusivity of our products.




Member of one of the most traditional families in Quito, Julio showed an interest and curiosity in Quito's history and art at a very early age; many say he even was born with an innate love for Quito. His interest of his natal and astonishing Quito kept increasing with time, until they became a passion. In College, and as leader of several student organizations, Julio began giving consultancy on Quito's daily, historic and cultural life to, several organizations, including other Colleges and Universities, and even to his own family and friends. On the other hand, Julio's personal values have always led him into a social and environmental responsibility. Therefore, he volunteered in public schools, where he shared his knowledge on churches, temples, museums and the city's cultural life through teaching English as second language for students who normally, given their social and economic conditions (public schools in Ecuador many years ago didn´t receive enough economic resources to have highly rated instructors for foreign languages), wouldn't have been able to receive this kind of education. These experiences made Julio have a clearer idea of what was the best way to transmit all his intellect to third persons, and not only in his mother language (Spanish), but in a second language as well. Currently Julio's daily activities are completely related to providing the best information services of Quito, through specialized guidance, with a unique and clear passion for Ecuador's pre-Colombian Art, History and Cultural background, Colonial Art and Astrological relevance of the city. As soon as he has contact with the traveler, he introduces them to discover a new, unique and fascinating experience of tourism.



Lover of art, history, music, nature and life itself, Patricia not only directs all the products we offer our travelers, but every experience is a new experience for her and she enjoys it, she lives it, she shares it. Patricia is a teacher, specialized in children, which makes her a lovely and open person, who has a great ability to transmit not just knowledge, but her thoughts, her feelings, her emotions. She also has created different methods to make specialized tourism with children and families, making the smaller ones to appreciate a world that is just in front of them, and may have gone unadvertised. Her patience and respect for life, has also made her direct special programs for the elderly, making them feel that time, "only makes better wine…." Not only a great wife and mother, but she also has the necessary taste to determine the pleasures of life, and direct our products in search of it. She also has a great knowledge in administrating companies and managing big groups of people. 

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